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Lip Stain

March 31, 2010

When I was younger, the right choice seemed to be lip gloss… candy colored, shiny, slick. Looked like I had sucked on three lollipops and licked my lips. I had read “Lolita” a little too early for my own good and in my mind I thought this was the perfect look, all I needed was my fifties style bikini and automatic lawn shower:

I still have a couple of these colors around, but now that boarding school Mel has morphed into law school Mel, the lip gloss just seems a little bit… much. The bright candy colors and the liquid slick don’t match my disdain to the girls who try too hard at 8 am class to look like Tory Burch princesses. Yet, a plain slick of shiny balm just won’t cut it. It makes me look tired and harried, and even on the odd days when I wake up early enough to apply my daily foundation properly and sort out my hair, washed out lips just make me look awful. Lipstick is something that I’m trying to put off as long as possible (another story for another day, let it be known I have visions of heavy matte lipstick and lipliner to match), and so what seemed ideal now more than any other time has been the lip stain.

It stays all day! It looks natural! It survives through countless cups of coffee, without the telltale lip marks possessing the cup and making it screamingly clear you haven’t washed this travel mug in two days! Promises are high.

Right now I use Covergirl Outlast Lip Stain:

It was a drugstore impulse buy, I think about $7 at the time. I think they took advantage of my stationary fetish and played into my obsessive need for more and more highlighters (I hoard them like a squirrel and acorns pre-snow). I picked coral, a color that has never really let me down for a natural shot of color with my yellow-brown skin tone. It tastes nice, it lasts ages and ages, even if your lip balm’s evaporated away. Heck, it lasts ages and ages in the product reservoir. But you know what? Highlighters only really work on paper. I just don’t like the feeling! When I taste the fruity flavor, I literally feel like I’m in preschool again, chewing on non-edibles just because they’re brightly colored and I’m hungry.

My search for the perfect lip stain carries on.


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