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So much to write about lip stains!

April 1, 2010

I have a confession. I’m writing this beauty blog with my better-blogging-half M and…I was shocked to realize the other day that I’ve whittled my makeup collection down to the very basics. So practical of me! Too practical. So I’d love, as our readership grows, to hear all of your suggestions about which products I should incorporate into my collection. I always keep up with the latest (oh my goodness am I susceptible to any new mascara that comes out, and embarrassingly gullible to boot), but my work makeup is similar to my going out makeup which is the same as my dance class makeup (etc, you get the picture). At least it works, right? (I hope.) One impetus to the big makeup clean-out was my move, uh, a year ago, but also because I’m trying to learn more about natural and organic beauty products (Tarte and Korres are two current favs). To wit! My first review of sorts will focus on a lip stain too (if you haven’t already, read M’s post below).

I transitioned to lip stain because I wanted at least some semblance of color with minimal reapplication. My qualifications were base–long-lasting, able to be applied without a mirror, and preferably red (I was going through a phase. See the Lolita picture below–I too was reading Lolita at this time. Who knew Nabrokov was such a beauty trendsetter?). I started out with the CoverGirl Outlast stain, also coral, but I found that it dried out my lips terribly. Also, the color seemed to migrate inwards on my lips (I know, what is WRONG with me? Does anyone else have this issue?). When I got one of my many, many emails from Sephora, the following words jumped out at me about Tarte’s Natural Lip Stain: A natural lip stain that is clinically proven to increase lips’ moisture content by 6000%. Of course I had to investigate. By the time I got to Sephora, I had made up my mind to buy Lust, the red shade. Alas! Literally the only tube left was Enchanted, “rose.” But buy I did, and I could not be happier. Some reviewers have complained about the shade being too pink (I disagree, but it could be a skin tone thing–I’m usually pretty tan), but I think it’s subtle enough to wear on a constant basis, but with enough oomph that it garners compliment after compliment.

Quick anecdote: I hadn’t seen one of my college friends in a while, and upon seeing my lip stain, she was so enchanted, if you will–heh heh, that she had to drive us to Sephora to purchase. She also bought shoes that day…and the lip stain was four times that cost. The heels were ridiculously on sale, but still, this stain does not come cheap, be forewarned!

One love,

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