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April 14, 2011

some look-ats for you…

  • The New York Times writing about Beauty?? How rare! Enjoy the very informative, but not too entertaining, write-ups on beauty deals on designer discount sites and hot new ingredients making their presence known at the beauty counter. Regarding the former, I’ve tended to be disappointed with beauty product sales on these designer lightning-sale sites, because they usually feature a very limited range of product offerings with a brand, or much lesser known brands you might want to research first. But the more local ones like Gilt City and bloomspot are pretty good for promos to services or hotspots you may have been eyeing for a while. Bloomspot recently did one at Flutter Lash Studio here in Chicago, which is supposed to be amazing (and amazingly expensive, which is why it the deal sounded so good – unfortunately I am still a bit skint for even the discount price right now).
  • We do not hazard to know everything. In fact, we’re no pros! So we ask around, and check out the great BeautyEditor writing in response to Mel’s perplexing question of what to do with makeup when it’s a lazy glasses day. Super helpful for us four-eyes, so check it out.
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