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Product Review: Conair’s Infiniti You Curl

April 22, 2011

So I’m a bit late on this train, but as you will find out the ability to curl hair may be the epitome of my shortcomings. My family calls me ungrateful for my pin-straight hair (a discussion of the Reyes Curse which befalls all my relatives at the age of 13, another day), but I have since the late 90’s dreamed of Brazilian-supermodel-goddess-like hair. But my hair’s always been miserable at keeping a curl for more than two hours with hot rollers, and anytime a salon stylist has shown me a trick or two with the straight iron twist my clumsiness and non-coordination led to epic fails. Traditional curling irons just didn’t seem to make any difference at all either (though perhaps I was just not investing enough cash on something like HotTools?). In fact, I had resorted to the vintage pin curl method and hoping for the very best when I woke.

But no more! Thanks to excellent deals at Amazon and a very honest discussion of my curl failures with my amazing stylist, I picked up the Conair Infiniti You Curl:
It seems so weird at first, defying all logic…. How can THIS be easy? It looks like a hot metal stick! But ah, it really is, once you’ve figure out the method and are fearless:
You see where the fearlessness comes in? That’s your dainty little fingers there holding the hair to the iron! Now, it comes with a strange three-fingered glove to wear for such a purpose (made for the cousin of the Princess Bride’s evil six-fingered man?), but I don’t like how it makes sectioning the hair awkward. So I do it without. Having very, very thick hair helps protect my fingers – as well as a fairly high pain tolerance – but even if I had the finest hair and the pain threshold of an attention-grabbing five year old (read: my nephew), I would do it anyway. Because the payoff is certainly THERE! My hair achieves a curl for a whole evening, and when I wake up in the morning a bit of a loose wave remains. I think how quickly the iron reaches high heat makes a difference, as I am impatient lady and so previous attempts perhaps failed because the heat wasn’t strong enough to make a dent in my thick pin-straight hair.

Note though, the curls are relaxed and soft, and will most likely not be uniform all down the section since the iron’s conical and there’s no freaking way you’re going to be precise with your twirls unless you’re a robot. That’s the look I’m going for (glorious somehow, to me, means not groomed but natural waves that best emanate blazes of halo-like rays out of your head) so that’s fine, but if you’re looking for something more haute couture you may be better off with the traditional curling iron, which makes more perfect, ideal curls doable. And by perfect and ideal, I mean Amy Poehler when Leslie Knope’s trying to impress:
Not for me, no thanks.

So, check out the entire freaking website that ConAir devoted to this one single curling iron out of its army of hair tools. Watch the video. Be impressed by the fact that it that has been applauded all over the place. And believe it.

And if you’re in a beauty-gadget buying move, check out this scan of Japanese beauty gadgets from Jezebel. Believe it or not, when I was a little girl I pinched my nose-bridge every night thirty times since my Uncle Fred assured me it would give me more of a peak to my nose. As the tiny bump with two holes for breathing on my face evinces though, it did no good.

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