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Kate Middleton’s bridal look

May 3, 2011

So when I was originally putting this post together, I was about to go on about how this wedding was “the news on everyone’s mind.” Well, this is what I get for waiting, huh? Well done to the Navy Seals for killing the figure who’s been like this unseen, epitome of horrible, evil villain to the last ten years.

Between last night’s news and the Royal Wedding, this last weekend is probably the Greatest Weekend of 2011… And while we are not particularly expert enough to comment on one, we are enough for the other.

Et voila, the new Duchess of Cambridge:

Now, part of the reason I wanted to wait to get this post together was the euphoria immediately after the wedding, so we could get a bit of perspective on what we saw. I was freaking out with anticipation about the Royal Wedding myself, and stayed up the whole night/morning to watch the event live. But now I write with the thrill of it all worn off, and here’s the word.

Like everyone else I was anxiously awaiting for the moment Kate stepped out of that Rolls Royce and into history. And what did she bring into history with her? Reportedly, Kate did her bridal makeup all on her own, with some assistance from bridal makeup lessons by Arabella Preston and a trip to the Bobbi Brown counter. Her reasoning? She “knows her own face.” Although no doubt some pr maven patted herself on the back as soon as this made public.

And I wanted to love her look, dear readers, I really and truly did. But I didn’t. My first problem? That blush:
That blush is one big, pink streak on her cheekbones. Now we all know the trick here is to highlight the cheekbones, but this was in serious need of blending. While pink cheeks are very much part of the “English rose” look, she could have avoided this giant pink stripe. I’d have stuck to bronzer for the cheekbones with keeping the heavier pink focused on her apples.

Problema dos: The overly strong eyes.
Where the critics have dared to speak up, they speak up about her eyes. The black eyeliner all-around is definitely a trademark “Kate” look, but oh dear here. It’s a generally smokey eye. And this is NOT a good look for daytime weddings, and I would argue weddings in general. It’s a skillful eyeliner application no doubt (check out the inner tearduct dip — very on-trend!), but the eyeshadow screams too heavy, between the greys on the lid and browns around the general eye area. It ages Kate, and I can’t help but feel she would have been well served by some shimmer or pinks. Perhaps she could have gotten away with such a heavy hand on her eyes if she had kept her cheeks less pink-striped, but as it is, the combo is too much. Maybe she was aiming for her eyes to stand out behind that veil? People have also commented how her eyebrows are too heavy, but I like it very much. It suits her, and having a fuller brow has been an approach that’s coming back en force over the last 2 years. Here’s hoping it’s a trend that stays.

Where people have ventured negative criticism, it is regarding the eye makeup for the most part… here’s an AOL poll and here’s The Daily Mail. Hear, hear!

The mauveish-nude lipstick bores me personally as I think it’s just a little too typical of Kate’s everyday look, but hey. It’s her everyday look for a reason, as it suits her very well. I’d have picked a color that didn’t feel too matchy-matchy with her blush.

As for the square, not-quite-long nails, which had to be ready for the close-up that would crush a million girls’ dreams (is it just me or did Wills have to try a bit to get that thing on??), she apparently had a custom shade mix of Essie’s Allure (which has, btw, just sold out at my local drugstore… yes, I checked) and Bourjois Rose Lounge No. 28.

Props to the lady for using regular old drugstore polish, but having a cunning mix made so really, none of us can ever truly replicate it. I really like that Bourjois Milky Pink shade, it’s close to my much-beloved favorite OPI pink shade, which is so offensively named that I will not speak of it here. Yet.

Bridal makeup for me just seems like a great opportunity to SHINE. Go for that ethereal, otherwordly glow, woman… you’re about to be a princess! It’s not just another day to do just a reproduction of your daily makeup look with a more elegant hand. All eyes are on you! To be fair, Kate was ballsy to do it on her own, and as if the traditional pressure of picture-perfect bridal makeup weren’t enough she had about 2 billion people watching her via the unforgiving camera, through settings of light both natural and not. It’s tough. But I think perhaps that’s a reason as to why one really ought to leave the makeup to the pro’s on one’s big day. Fortunately, she’s a pretty girl and regardless of whatever comments, no one can deny she looked really pretty.

But for all our whining, who cares. She’s pretty, she’s a princess, she eventually got the chance to show off the amazingness that is her hair, and she’s totally won at life!!

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  1. Valerie permalink
    May 11, 2011 4:18 pm

    That eyeliner is AW-FUL. Awful. I know it’s her trademark, but why did she pick such an awful one? She does have very enviable hair.

    Custom-mixed nail polish = really trying too hard.

    I think overall the effect was fine, but dull. She coulda looked so amazing if she’d let a professional do it.

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