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Want, please!

May 12, 2011

OMG, Musings of a Muse posted on this product today and I’m totally in covetous want:

Benefit’s Powder Pop box, featuring Dallas, Dandelion, and Coralista.

Just so you know, Benefit’s Box O’ Powders range is a dream… really excellent quality powders, long-lasting finish on the visage, and each box will literally last you for-e-ver. I bought Dallas a few years ago (let’s ignore the expiry factor here, I do a good job cleaning brushes and wiping down surfaces) and it still is very much around, and I use it pretty often as a perfect in-between blush and bronzer. It’s my “me-only-better” blush, and I use it to highlight my cheekbones while avoiding an earlier mentioned Katie Middleton pink-stripe. Benefit calls it “an outdoor glow for an indoor gal face powder.” If that isn’t me, I don’t know what is. Here’s the thing, my friend V loves it too. She’s Polish ethnically and has very fair, pretty skin. Opposite of me. She swears by Dallas just as much as I, your decidedly yellow-medium-toned blogger. It works for everyone! Far and beyond, I recommend Dallas to ANYONE. Then, Dandelion. I have always wanted to try it, given that it’s “a brightening face powder” and the PRETTIEST color just to look at. Yet I was worried that it wouldn’t work on warmer, darker skinned girls as it’s quite a light pink… but I spied it on my cousin’s dresser and she always looks radiant. No kidding, lots of familial envy going on here. So it’s worth a chance! And as for Coralista, well, the makeup bloggers all over can’t get enough of it. I’ve honestly not read a single unhappy criticism. It’s supposed to be universally flattering with a high color pay-off and shimmer that avoids being obnoxious. As I have a favoritism with coral, I’ve been wanting to try this “coral blush for a tropical flush” since forever. But when I tried it in the store, it looked a little too close to the equally acclaimed Orgasm blush by Nars (which I, and I suspect you, your mom, your neighbor, your frenemy, etc. all have) for me to justify splurging the $28 for the box. In fact, every Box O’ Powder is $28, which makes completing the collection of eight a pretty expensive affair.

This box just seems the PERFECT solution. These three blushes (arguably the finest of the Box O’ Powders range) altogether in one kit!! The mini factor is great since they last forever anyway, and it’ll bring the price point down. Having had to struggle squishing with the bulky box that is Dallas into my makeup bag (it is a FAT box), I’m excited that this is a travel-friendly presentation. It does come with its own brush, which is fine, although I very much prefer using my own blush brush when handling these powders.

Anyway, it looks like this is only available via the Home Shopping Network right now, and in a set, much to my sigh. It does look like an excellent deal, $62 for the box along with the well-rated Bad Gal mascara and a useful looking taupe eyeshadow… though I don’t have any experience with BeneFit eyeshadow, so take good-deal-excitement with a grain of salt. I scoured Ulta and Google this afternoon, but no just-the-box as of yet (unless you want the 2007 first release of Powder Pop). So I will wait, patiently. Wait, and want.

Can you stand the wait?

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