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Product review: Stila Kajal Eyeliner

May 23, 2011

Why, hello there.

Stila Kajal Liner in Smokey Quartz, aka grey.

I kind of have a crush on you. I mean, check you out. You’re all soft. Buttery soft. Silky soft. And I’m sensitive. You know, not just on the inside, but on the eye-side. You know I had that shitty problem last year getting used to contacts, and I still feel like sometimes that those boys give me a harder time than I deserved. But you so softly, softly, traced your mark on my sensitive waterline, and left no hurt, only a mark which stays with me all day, something no other eyeliner has been able to do without making me cry. I swear, after just ten seconds with you, and I look at the mirror and smile. You’re amazing, and so are my eyes in the most natural looking way. And then sometimes you do a 180 and render the sexiest mist on my eyes, with the help of your buddy the fatty shorty smudge-brush. Really smokey or controlled smokey, it’s all pretty hot. It’s so sweet that you get your friends to help you give me presents.

And you’re honest too. How often does that happen in our world? You’re not kohl, you don’t claim to be kohl, and hell you don’t want to be kohl. You’re you, and you’re good. With you, I’ve realized that the Guerlain Kohl Crayon that I so dream of but can never find, well maybe life has other plans for me… that is, you. And that’s wonderful too. Sigh! You ground me.

I know you’re not perfect. If I doze off wearing you, you will certainly smudge…. and I do love my naps. Oh, and I need to whip you into shape through the sharpener more often than anything else on my dresser, maybe once a week. Finally, you seem to treat me like a walking wallet sometimes, with that freaking $18 I need to lay down to hang out with you. But that doesn’t matter I guess, because no relationship is perfect, right? Besides, this awesome Stila 20% friends and family discount good until Tuesday makes it better. In fact, it even makes me think you might be just as into me as I am into you.

Bisous, my kajal love. Can’t wait to pick you up in Tiger’s Eye tomorrow.

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