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beauty in the celeb-o-sphere

May 24, 2011

I’ve had Emanuelle Alt’s first Paris Vogue on my coffee table for a few weeks now, waiting for me to pick it up and peruse. Now that law school’s pretty much over and my bar review has yet to begin, I have begun. The first thing I noticed was this ad:

Blake Lively advertising Chanel.

I know, I know, Blake Lively again… but I cannot help it! At least she is still blonde here. If you can find a zoomed in picture of her in this particular ad or a version of it in print, check it out because there is something off about her eye makeup, which this picture cannot demonstrate that well. Specifically, check out her doing that “add a bit of white shimmer to the inner corner of your eye” trick. Because she is manifesting what I think is my worst fear about that trick: looking like you’ve got that eye-sand that you get first thing in the morning instead. A friend recently bought me Cargo’s Eyelighter and I’m still on the learning curve on how to use it without looking like I just woke up. Sigh. I know it’s a good trick, I’ve SEEN people pull it off. I can sort of do it without precision, highlighting the corner area rather than the corner specifically (using Fresh’s Satin Luster Face Palette for my general highlighting needs). But for something more sophisticated, and getting just that inner corner highlighted enough to make my eyes appear larger or more awake, I need practice.

Taylor Swift, normally.

So Swifty is the epitome of the beauty rut. Don’t get me wrong, she’s super pretty and her look suits her. But it never, ever changes! Black cat-eye liquid liner on an otherwise pretty clean eye, perfect skin with a liiiiiiiight pink blush (not a typo), and a glossy lip which will turn old-Hollywood red for the more formal event, and those perfect ringlets. But then, this popped up on the internets today!

Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards

She looks so nice with hair that’s a little straighter! She’s toned down the curls to a wave, and did a sidesweep. Gorgeous! And more grown up, which she damn well needs. She’s in her twenties now, after all. And check it out! A vibrant, matte fuschia lip! I’m loving it. There’s the courage, right there. Brava! Now if only she went a little deeper with her smokey eyeshadow, I’d be perfectly happy. But this is already such a giant leap for Taylorkind, so good on her.

Beyonce at Oprah’s farewell celebration episode, part 1

Oprah ending is kindofabigdeal in my house right now. My mom and my aunt are super excited (the latter actually having been in the audience!) and mom has made it abundantly clear that she owns the tv at 11 every night. Honestly it is reallyabigdeal anyway so I don’t mind. Beyonce was being her usual fabulous self, dancing in those five inch stilettos to her new single, and I am in my usual mix of envy and awe, when I realize how gorgeous this woman’s legs look. Check it! It’s toned (is she using some sort of bronzer?), a mile long, and the skin is just unnaturally smooth looking and flawless. Practically glowing.

It’s a long-awaited sunny day here in Chicago today, and I took it as a chance to bust out a sundress. And I do not have anything near those legs. While the height is not something I can do anything about, I would really like to at least have my legs look like the skin’s smooth and even-colored. Right now, I’m dealing with scarring from old mosquito bites, and the unmarked parts are paler than the rest of me. Very far from glowing. I don’t really know what my options are for my legs, so if you have any suggestions I’d appreciate it mucho in the comments. Oh, and I do moisturize daily so…. I need more hardcore advice, please! I want them glowing…

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