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Nars in New York

May 31, 2011

I’m in NYC right now for la familia, but I’m hoping to make a few pretty stops.

The NYT wrote about Francois Nars’ new boutique in NYC, which I really want to check out. He sounds like a nice, low-key guy. In terms of presence in my makeup collection, Nars battles Tarte for the number one spot. What can I say? The eyeshadows in particular look like perfectly paired jewels… every foray to the testers stand brings me the childlike delight of “which one shall I have?!?!” They sometimes seem a little wtf if you picture it on your eyes, because some of the color combinations are so bright and unconventional, but once you give it a go you’ll realize just how brilliant those folks at Nars are. The color combinations are deliberate choices and will blend to suit each other beautifully. Just trust them. Bright pink and bright purple, aka Caravaggio, WILL work and you won’t like a Jem and the Holograms reject. Promise.

Although Jem is pretty awesome, though! So maybe it wouldn’t be too bad should you go a bit overboard.

Then as for the combos which look a little more traditional at first sight, there’s always some sort of twist to them to make them unusual. A good example is from the current Summer 2011 collection,the Dogon eyeshadow pairing:

Nars Dogon Eyeshadow at

You can’t possibly tell from the package, but the taupe’s got a nice frosty green sheen to it once seen from a certain angle. The London Beauty Review did a rave review, and has a lot of helpful pictures to give you a better sense of the whole wonder behind it. It was so beautiful applied on her! Here’s a swatch to illustrate my point though:

Isn’t it dreamy?

As for the other products, let’s see. Well everyone has heard of their blushes, especially the peachy-pink with a touch of shimmer Orgasm blush, which you’d love to hate but couldn’t possibly because it really does look so freaking good. Although to be honest I’ve been enjoying the matte and straightforward dark rose blush of Dolce Vita much more over the fall, as shimmer always seems a little too teenagery when worn out-of-context. It’s a bit tricky, but when applied right it’s very much me-only-better.

Nars blush in Dolce Vita

I’m tempted to say their foundation is outstanding, but I could only say this from my beloved Gel Fraicheur foundation from years ago which has been discontinued for a while, but was my HG foundation for a good long time. I’m too upset to foray into their other foundations offerings, I’m still a grieving widow. The Multiple sticks and illuminators are also permanently on best-of lists, so that’s worth having a look at if you’re into multi-purpose prods. Hopefully after my little pilgrimage, I shall grab a haul worthy of a juicy post. Will let you know.

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