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So I know I’ve been away

July 1, 2011

When my family comes, my life turns into what I call “a shitshow.” So I apologize, AboutFace-land. Until fairly recently my life had consisted of fighting with my brother or dad, accompanying my mom everywhere, making reservations or giving directions or finding bathrooms or going to church.

But my mind has been plotting a plethora of future posts, featuring Bumble & Bumble’s NY salon, thoughts on tightlining/waterlining, summer beauty needs, L’Occitane’s foray into color cosmetics, body scrubs, and a couple of product reviews. In the meantime, here’s some easy beauty-related reading from the NYT…

Drugs are bad, mmmkay? Apparently, vanity itself provides a reason as to why you should avoid cocaine. You know, if the whole illegal-extremely unhealthy-addictive-money draining aspect of it wasn’t enough.
A disappointing Room for Debate discussion on the advent of bold and different nail polish colors, especially in the work setting. Really guys, you haven’t got anything else better to talk about? None of the discussions are particularly riveting either, although as per me, I enjoyed the little history background stories about the origin of nail polish and nail care as a requisite part of today’s beauty regime (and as I type, I see what Reese Witherspoon described in “Legally Blonde” as my own “bony, unpolished fingers… ugh!”)
A profile of Leslie Blodgett of Bare Escentuals, and an interesting story. Am curious as to how many women out there have tried and stuck with the mineral powder foundation. As in, use it faithfully. You always read that their are “legions” or so, but I’ve only ever met one personally who has kept on using it over the years. Everyone seems to have switched.
Finally, an amusing article about the feather extensions trend and the chagrin it’s earned from the fly fishing scene. Beware the ires of Maine, Ke$ha!

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