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Covetous want

July 8, 2011

I shake my fist at the heavens, because it is the season for sales!!

Nice… even if they’re not including the freaking unbelievably amazing Naked Palette (which I’m planning to hook onto with my reward points from Lexis Nexis legal), but this is totally up for grabs…

24/7 Jackpot Eye Pencils

I have heard that these are just amazing eyeliner pencils — super soft and unmovable once dried. Since my precious Stila Kajal in Smokey Quartz ended up on Stila’s Last Call page as of late, I’m worried that it’s being phased out and that I must start looking for alternatives. I had these Urban Decays in mind, or else MUFE’s Aqua Eyes pencils. But if these are on sale and come in * oh so many colors! * then I am helpless. It appeals to the OCD child I used to be, collecting all my Crayolas and arranging them neatly and perfectly. And also, I’m a firm believer that brightly colored eyeliners on a nearly-nude eye are the best way to look fashion-forward or party-ready in like ten seconds.

The other sale is from the good people at Tarte, heralding the 4th of July…

Contrary to the picture, this sale is actually going to last until Monday. I am realizing that Tarte is slowly taking over my makeup dresser… I’ve got Clean Slate as their excellent daily primer, two of their amazing lip tints (which I think fall into the gloss-balm category, the newest trend as per Michelle from, at least the original Lipsurgence line does), and their famous gel cheek stain in Blushing Bride. And I love them all and use them almost every day. Blushing Bride in particular is a revelation. Application takes some getting used to, but now that it’s summer it is so much of a better choice than my usual powder blushes. Keeps the dewey look going, you know?

I know, this looks dark and terrifying, but you’ve got to trust me. It’s just so perfect. Won’t come out purple or too dark, just a really lovely flush, like when you see a super cute guy for the first time. So you can get this, or hang around new super cute guys constantly. May I suggest visiting my dog’s vet? Totally blushworthy.

Anyways, what am I coveting from Tarte? Apart from wanting to indulge in those more recent line of matte Lipsurgence stains, because I’ve been looking for something that won’t overpower my recent Nars Caravaggio bright pink shadow purchase, I did get an email recently about this:

I know, I know! Such a fangirl!! So lame, I know, I’m almost embarrassed to admit this. But hell, look at how gorgeous that shade of red is…

Want. Totally.

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  1. July 16, 2011 12:03 am

    Thanks for the shout-out! Tarte is so amazing, I agree!

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