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Runway red-eye and flight paths.

July 12, 2011

In honor of my boy, who has been doing a lot of wretched early morning flights just to see me, let’s talk about two really striking beauty looks from the Fall 2011 shows…

The Double Wingtip

This is from Stephane Rolland‘s show….

While this is from Giorgio Armani.

When I first saw this look, I just gasped because it looked so beautiful to me… totally new and original. Basically, the top and lower lash lines are both winged out to the extreme, but separated to the point where they both run parallel… kind of like speed lines! How apt for double wings, huh? Notice also that the lower lash line is distanced noticeably enough from the drawn line. It’s totally hot but also terrifying. How the heck are us normal women supposed to pull that off? Are our hands really so steady? Our gazes really so confident that it could be pulled off? Sigh.

The Red-Eye

This is from Alexandre Vauthier

While this is from Nina Ricci.

What intrigues me here is the red eyeshadow. I know those words sound a bit frightening together, and it conjures up images of a scary Olsen twin, drugged out and sleepless…

But the runways make it look so pretty! I’d really like to give it a go. I have in the past tried a brick-like red, blended very well. But I must be more daring, surely?? Although I’ve worried about how red shadow will look on my darker skin, Rihanna has since convinced me otherwise:

Maybe this is the secret baby step to pulling off a strong red along my eyes — letting the shadow rim on my lower lash line. In my experience this is not going to last very long in terms of wear, but it certainly is pretty. Perhaps if I give some eyeshadow primer a go? Anyways.

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  1. Valerie permalink
    July 29, 2011 3:50 pm

    Love both looks, but especially the double-winged liner. Sadly, I am not even qualified to do a regular cat-eye with liquid, so how will I master this? I feel it is wearable, especially if done subtly like in the Armani pics. Ah, to have the steady hand of a makeup jedi.

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